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Project Chimps

Project Chimps mission is to provide lifelong exemplary care to chimpanzees retired from research.

Project Chimps is the newest chimpanzee sanctuary in the United States and was founded to provide lifetime exemplary care to more than 200 former research chimpanzees at its sanctuary on 236 acres of forested land in the Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia.

Project Chimps has an agreement with the medical research facility that has the largest population of privately-owned chimpanzees in the world, which allows us to bring the lab’s chimpanzees to permanent sanctuary.

They are now in the process of transferring these intelligent and sentient beings from the lab to their new homes, where they will spend the remainder of their lives.

At Project Chimps, we are able to provide former research chimpanzees with choices they never had in the lab. Here, they can choose to go outside and forage in our six-acre Peachtree Habitat. They can choose to climb a tree. They can choose their own healthy foods. They can even choose their friends.

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