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Blue Ridge Olive Oil & Tupelo Tea

Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company’s inviting cucina style store offers you 65 varieties of olive oil and balsamic vinegars and the opportunity to taste these remarkable innovations from around the world.
Treat your taste buds to an incredible array of flavors from Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Chile, Australia and other exotic destinations. Taste and explore the endless possibilities and pairing combinations of their gourmet oils and vinegars before you buy.
The Copperhill location also includes Tupelo Tea.
Their tea blends offer unique and captivating taste experiences to tea enthusiasts, leaving them in awe. The tea blends offered are made with love, care, and attention to quality by collecting the most authentic tea ingredients from around the world. Their sustainably sourced tea blends not only possess great health benefits, but are also very soothing and delicious. Visit Tupelo Tea on Facebook!

Cuisine Type: Coffee & Tea