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Whitewater rafting, tubing, kayaking, stand-up paddling and swimming.

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Rafting the Ocoee River

From March to October the Ocoee River comes alive with whitewater enthusiasts from around the world who journey to shoot the world-class rapids in rafts, canoes and kayaks. Outdoor adventure writer Kim Urquhart calls it "a paddler's paradise ...loved for its size and power, constant flow rate and continuous waves and holes". More than 300,000 people experience the excitement of Ocoee River rafting each year.
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Tubing, Kayaking & Rafting the Toccoa River

Float, kayak and tubing trips on the Toccoa River in Blue Ridge and McCaysville are better suited to families with smaller kids. Tubing is available on the upper Toccoa in Blue Ridge above the Lake Blue Ridge Dam, and the lower Toccoa in McCaysville. There are also rafting and kayak or canoeing float trips on the Toccoa for kids over five years of age.

Stand-up Paddling

Try out stand-up paddling (SUP) on Lake Blue Ridge or the Toccoa River. Paddleboards can be rented at the Lake Blue Ridge Marina and at Morganton Point Recreation Area.

For Your Safety ...

If you are planning to raft, tube or fish on the Toccoa River below the Lake Blue Ridge dam or at points on the river between the dam and McCaysville/Copperhill, you need to be aware of some potential hazards, and familiarize yourself with the systems TVA uses to communicate them to you.For more information on lake levels and releases, please see https://www.tva.gov/Environment/Lake-Levels/Blue-Ridge

A water safety vest is required for all tubing, rafting, kayaking or canoeing on the Toccoa River.

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