Geocaching in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Use your GPS to search for hidden treasure.

Want to go on a unique adventure in Georgia’s Blue Ridge? Geocaching is a fun and exciting way to discover some of the most amazing places in our area. Geocaching is a kind of high tech outdoor treasure hunt, where you use a GPS unit to track down a cache that has been hidden. Once you find it, you can participate in the fun and goodies that are hidden within. Take something, leave something, sign the logbook are the basic rules of the game.

The way to enjoy geocaching in our area is to log on to and check out all the great caches people have hidden in our incredibly scenic and interesting area. Put Blue Ridge’s zipcode 30513 into the Search box and you will see more than 250 geocaches in the area around Georgia’s Blue Ridge. 

Find even more geocaches on the web by logging on to Geocaching Websites Listing. 


Top GPS Fixes for Area Attractions


Blue Line
N 34°59.300' W084°22.201' 

Horseshoe Bend Park
N 34°58.368' W084°21.566' 

Tammen Park
N 34°53.254' W084°17.180' 

Ocoee Whitewater Center
N 35°03.961' W084°27.678' 

Morganton Point
N 34°52.139' W084°15.258' 

Swinging Bridge Parking Lot 
N 34°44.350' W084°10.213' 

Fish Hatchery
N 34°42.382' W084°08.969' 

Three Forks Parking Lot
N 34°39.815' W084°11.053' 

Parking lot Springer Mtn. 
N 34°38.262' W084°11.712' 

Amicalola Falls
N 34°33.263' W084°15.027' 

Jacks River Fields
N 34°51.813' W084°31.208' 

Aska Rd
N 34°52.322' W084°18.465' 

Aska Trails
N 34°48.995' W084°17.989' 

Blue Ridge Recreation Area 
N 34°50.678' W084°18.071' 

Toccoa River Rapids
N 34°47.451' W084°16.564' 

Shallowford Bridge
N 34°47.029' W084°15.562' 

Fall Branch Falls Parking Lot 
N 34°47.017' W084°18.166' 

Sandy Bottoms Canoe Launch 
N 34°47.170' W084°14.398' 

Blue Ridge Dam
N 34°52.806' W084°16.903' 

Blue Ridge Marina
N 34°52.230' W084°16.758' 

Mercier Orchards
N 34°53.190' W084°20.448'