Fannin County At A Glance

At A Glance

Information and statistics about Fannin County in Georgia.


(2010 Est.) 
Fannin County: 23,682 
Population Growth (2000-2010): 19.6% 

Economic Profile

2014 Households: 16,716
Median Household Income: $37,049
Per Capita Income, 2010: $20,534

Labor (2016)

Labor Force: 10,094 
Employed: 9,484 
Unemployment Rate: 6% 


Property Tax - Effective tax rate in Fannin County is $709.76 per $100,000 of property at fair market value. This rate applies to all land, buildings, machinery, equipment, and inventory. 

Sales Tax - Cities and county have 3% local sales tax in addition to the 4% state sales tax. Local Hotel/Motel Excise Tax is 5%. Hotels also have a $5 per day transportation assessment. 

Georgia Income Tax – is 6%. 


Electric Power – Fannin County is served by Tennessee Valley Authority, distributed by Tri-State EMC and Blue Ridge Mountains EMC. 

Water and Sewer
City of Blue Ridge - Water & Sewer 
City of McCaysville – Water & Sewer 
City of Morganton – Water Service 

AT&T Communications – McCaysville & Copperhill 
Ellijay Telephone Company (ETC) – Countywide 
TDS Telecom – Countywide 

Natural Gas
Natural gas is available in the Blue Ridge area. For information regarding services and hook-ups, please contact Atlanta Gas Light's Energy Connection Center at 770-994-6105. 

Public Services

Fire Protection: 120 trained volunteer personnel, 15 fire stations, 9 rescue trucks, 12 tankers, 16 engines, Fire insurance classification 5 in city and 5-9 in county. 

Emergency Services: Four 24-hour staffed ambulances and two ambulances on reserve. Four first responder rescue vehicles. Enhanced 911 systems. Lifeforce Air emergency services. 

Police Protection: Fannin County Sheriff’s Department Officers: 35; Georgia State Patrol Officers: 16; Blue Ridge Police Department Officers: 15; McCaysville Police Department Officers: 5 full time. 

Garbage: Service provided by private contractors. 

Zoning: Blue Ridge has zoning ordinance. Fannin County has land use plan. 

For detailed information and demographics, see: Fannin Development Authority