7 Selfie Spots in Blue Ridge to Document Your Adventure

If you didn’t take a selfie, were you even there?

There’s no need to feel bad about breaking out the camera on the trail or when you travel. While experiences and exploration are good reasons to take a vacation, a study from “Psychology of Well-Being” showed that taking selfies can actually make you happier. Here are seven spots in Blue Ridge to work on your mental health. Go ahead–snap that selfie and tag us with #loveblueridgega 

Blue Ridge Mural

If you’re exploring downtown Blue Ridge, be sure to round the corner of Main Street and Mountain Street.  Pose in front of the postcard-esque mountain scenery that gives away your location–Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Selfie by @adventurous.ant

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

While you’re downtown, you’ve got to get a photo with the train, also. Personally, my favorite photos are from inside the train on one of their open-air cars, traveling over the Toccoa. However, if you can’t make the trip this time or you’re simply waiting for your ride, then be sure to get a selfie in front of the engine. It goes without saying, but we’ll reiterate it anyway: Be sure to stay off the tracks while you’re taking your shots. The best place is at Main Street and Depot Street, where you can pose in the grass or pebbles alongside the train. And lucky for you, it’s close to the ticket booth.

Selfie by @jax52587

Fall Branch Falls

Fall Branch Falls is a double waterfall on the Benton MacKaye Trail with mountain laurel and rhododendron growing along the trail and creek bank. The hike to the falls is just under a mile and easy enough to bring the kids. Bring the camera for a smile in front of the 30-foot falls.

Selfie by @mrs.holt12 Blue Line

The Blue Line

Take the Railway or make the drive; just don’t miss Blue Ridge’s “other” Downtown in McCaysville, right on the border of Tennessee. Near the train depot on Toccoa Avenue you’ll find the perfect selfie spot on the Blue Line that delineates Georgia and Tennessee. Grab a photo with one leg in each state.

We also love heading into Pic ‘n Vine, a great shop that rides the border of both states. In fact, the same Blue Line runs right through the store. You can grab a photo here, as well (ask for their cute “I walked the line” sign to hold in your shot) and also make a kudzu mini-basket for only $5.

Selfie by@countrycommutes

Mercier Orchards

Mercier Orchards is known for their apples, breakfast and hard cider…and all three make great props for your next Blue Ridge selfie. If you’re not visiting in apple season, then try a shot with one of their other u-pick fruits; or pose next to soft pink apple blossoms lighting up the countryside. 

Inside the shop, the apple fritters, cinnamon apple bread or apple cider doughnuts will make you smile, for sure. Sample our wines and hard cider in our tasting room, then choose your favorite to enjoy on our deck and don't forget to grab a six-pack of hard cider to go and toast to another Instagram-able moment back at your cabin.

Selfie by@claire.brings.chief

Swinging Bridge

With the rushing water below your feet, towering trees as your silhouette and bright blue skies over top you, might be in such awe that you forget to reach for your camera. But after you take in the moment, don’t forget to snap a selfie because nothing says “like this photo” more than standing tall over the mighty Toccoa, on the longest swinging bridge east of the Mississippi River.

Don’t stop at the bridge, though. Head down to the water where you’ll find hikers, campers, kayakers and more. And the river itself is worthy of a photoshoot, too. Swinging Bridge Info here.

Tank Town USA

Forget limiting yourself to a static photo. You need full on video at Tank Town USA, where you can drive tanks, crush cars, operate an excavator and more. If you want the ultimate adventure then go for the Car Crushing, where you’ll spend nearly a half-hour driving a tank with four of your friends, flattening a car from every angle. 

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