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The Orange Walls Band Live at Misty Mountain Hops

Misty Mountain Hops is a music centric restaurant thriving on customer service and supporting patrons needs. Their belief is through music and food they can provide and establishment for people of all backgrounds, generations and beliefs to come together and enjoy an enthusiastic experience of community.

 The seed for The Orange Walls was planted in 2009 when, after only 20 minutes of last minute rehearsing, Randy (guitar/vocals) and Daniel (harmonica) swept their high school talent show. After that day, the two decided that fate had spoken, and that they must continue playing music together. Soon, they were playing anywhere and everywhere, wowing audiences with hybrid Acoustic-Rock, Blues, and Jam-Band stylings of classic and well-loved songs. Their distinctive, high-energy approach to live shows has inspired comparisons to Dave Matthews Band, Mumford & Sons, and Kings of Leon.

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