Harriet's Halloween Candy / A Fun Halloween Musical!

A musical production by The Sunny D Children's Theater 

"Harriet loves Halloween. She loves dressing up, hanging out with her friends, and getting all that delicious candy! What she does not love is having to share with her baby brother, Walter, even when her parents make her. Once back from her trick-or-treating, Harriet must decide which of her treasures she will bestow on her brother. Licorice whips? Marshmallow puffs? Chocolate drops? No! They’re all too good to share. And they’re all hers. To keep her stash safe, Harriet tries hiding it, even taking it to school with her! But when she refuses to share, her obsession has landed her in a sticky mess. But with the help of her mother, Harriet proves that she knows nothing is sweeter than a true friend."

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