Trey Griffith, Chef

Trey Griffith is a private chef offering gourmet personal chef services in your home or rental cabin. Services include; menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, service and kitchen clean up.

"I provide gourmet chef services for dining and entertaining. I can offer a multi-course dinner for small groups on up to a cocktail party for a small gathering. Services include initial client consultation, a customized menu plan, grocery shopping, meal preparation and kitchen clean up. I know my clients have a great many things to think about while they are enjoying the beautiful mountains and extensive outdoor activities."

"Using the freshest, often locally sourced ingredients, I will create an imaginative menu for your family or friends all in your kitchen. Giving consideration to food allergies or dietary restrictions is something I take into account when writing the menus. Each dinner is special and specific to the season and the occasion. Surprise! It's more affordable than one might expect. Give me a call for more information." ..Chef Trey Griffith