Natural Health

Anne Merkel, PhD, ND, Natural Medicine & Genetics for Wellness

Dr. Anne Merkel is a local health practitioner utilizing wholisitic (whole-person) practices within the scopes of Natural Medicine, Energy Medicine, Genetics Counseling, Nutritional Coaching, Acupuncture, Food Sensitivity testing, and more. Her areas of focus include: autoimmune and chronic health conditions, trauma, stress, self-sabotage, creativity, personal transformation, business enhancement, among others.

Dr. Merkel offers phone consults, office visits in Mineral Bluff, GA, and multi-day Wellness Retreats, and has been involved with natural health for over thirty years with clients world-wide. Her publications are sold on Amazon as well as locally, she has appeared on television, radio, as a featured conference presenter, and regularly offers local seminars to the public. She is known for her multi-faceted approach to disease, and she boasts many satisfied clients.