Welcome to the Trout Art Trail!

No, you aren't imagining things. Those are indeed giant trout.

The Trout Art Trail has arrived in Blue Ridge! The Trout Art Trail is a colloborative public art project between the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association and Blue Ridge Trout Unlimited, offering a limited edition series of nine five-foot fiberglass trout sculptures presented as a county-wide event. Very appropriate for the Trout Capital of Georgia!

You can help make the Trout Trail permanent by supporting the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association and enjoying music by country star Wade Hayes at a Firefly Music concert on June 24th. Tickets are available online at https://www.fireflymusicbr.com

Sponsorships of the Trout art pieces are also available for pre-sale starting at $3,500.  This includes sponsorship on all print and online media, permanent plaque listing their sponsorship on the statue, and two tickets to the June 24th event. Contact Nichole Potzauf at 706-632-2144.

See all nine of the beautiful trout, each painted by a local artist, by following the map below:

Trout Art Trail guide

1. Blue Ridge Beauty
1315 East Main Street
Artist Jennifer Danner

2. Rainbow of Marbles
The Art Center
420 West Main Street
Artist Larry Minor 

3. Flower Power
Downtown Blue Ridge City Park Playground
Artists: Fannin High School Students

4. Mongrel
757 East Main Street
Artist: Nancy Barbosa 

5. Escape to the Trout Capital
Downtown Depot - Depot Street
Artist: Nichole Holt

6. Sunset Over Blue Ridge
City of Blue Ridge - City Hall
Artist Larry Minor

7. Chief Big Creek sponsored by Trip Martin
625 East Main Street
Artist: Jeanne Matheny 

8. Lord of the Flies
531 East Main Street
Artist Jeanne Matheny 

9. Trout in the Sky
Fannin Chamber Welcome Center
152 Orvin Lance Drive
Artist Suzy DesLauriers

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