Spring 2019 Fishing Report

Spring 2019 Fishing Report in the Trout Capital of Georgia

Due to its unique geographical location, elevation, climate, and abundance of creeks, rivers, and lakes, the Blue Ridge, GA area is one of the only fly fishing destinations in the entire country that offers year round fly fishing opportunities.  But even though the trout fishing can be excellent at any time of the year, the season that offers the most extensive range of fly fishing experiences is the Spring. This is true for several reasons:

For one, the Spring is when we experience the most diverse variety of hatches of aquatic insects, especially on the creeks and rivers (and you know what that means...Dry Fly Fishing!). Some examples of these include a massive Black Caddis hatch on the Toccoa River tailwater in February and March, and periodic Blue Winged Olive hatches on the Toccoa as well as on smaller streams throughout the spring.  In addition, there are hatches of other mayflies such as March Browns and Hendricksons in March and April, and Sulphurs in May.

Spring in Blue Ridge is also the time after the trout have seen the least amount of fishing pressure throughout the winter.  Due to its elevation and geography, Blue Ridge and the surrounding area get enough cold winter temperatures to scare off all but the die hard trout fishermen.  As a result, the fish are a little less wise for the first few warmer months of each year.

Another notable advantage to the Spring fishing in Blue Ridge (specifically on the Toccoa River) is that the public access fishing areas tend to be far less crowded than they will be in summer months when tubers, kayakers, and other recreational boaters will be out enjoying the warm weather.  One might encounter plenty of other fishermen, especially on the weekends, but the sheer number of creeks, rivers, and lakes in the area means that there are plenty of places to go in order to experience an awesome day out on the water.

Speaking of the latter of those bodies of water, the Spring is the season when Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, Striped Bass, Bream, Perch, and many other warm water fish get much more active in the lakes near Blue Ridge.  For a nice change of pace from fly fishing for trout, try fishing for the aforementioned warm water species in Lake Blue Ridge, Lake Nottely, or a number of other nearby lakes. 

Although there is never really a bad time to get out on the water in a place like Blue Ridge that offers so much great year-round fishing, the Spring is probably our favorite time of year for these reasons and many more.  The days are getting warmer and longer, and Spring is just a few weeks away.  So, get your fishing gear ready to go and please come join us in beautiful Blue Ridge, GA for an awesome day of fishing!  

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Hunter Morris
Owner, Head Guide, Fly Fishing of North Georgia

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