Great Food Spots in Blue Ridge

By Guest Blogger Malika Bowling

If you’re familiar with Atlanta, you know the ITPers look down at OTPers; the ITPers being those that live inside the Perimeter of Atlanta and then there’s everyone else outside the perimeter. Well, you can imagine what they’d think about North GA. But, they couldn’t be more wrong. Here are some of the best dining options in Blue Ridge, GA.

Chester Brunnenmeyer’s
Did you try to pronounce the full name. No? Don’t worry. People just call it “Chester’s.” Locals were enjoying a long lunch when we visited. They do have some local beers on draft, which I’ve noted for a return visit. Luckily we didn’t wait long for a table. Though the menu is mostly burgers, wings and tacos, what they do, they do well. My shrimp tacos were plentiful and not too heavily breaded, but the clear winner out of the two entrees was the Swiss and mushroom burger topped with caramelized onions. Don’t leave Blue Ridge without trying one.

Smoked Salmon BLT at Masseria

When you are on vacation, it’s totally acceptable to have a cocktail with lunch right? The winter sour was delightful. Made with Campari, it’s slight bitterness is balanced out with the honey. It’s seasonal, but I’m sure whichever cocktail is featured on the chalkboard will amaze you. Though many locals come for their chicken soup, 

Masseria is known for their pizzas, and after tasting some of those pies, I see why. 

Romantic Dinner at Treo.

If romance is what you are looking for head to Treo. Their beautiful courtyard is fabulous during warmer weather. Since we visited in the dead of winter, we sat inside. Rich woods and a cozy atmosphere set the tone for the evening. Our server, Candel, highly recommended an Old Fashioned and it was every bit as good as a well-made Old Fashioned I’d have at any Atlanta bar or restaurant. When selecting dinner entrees, you can’t go wrong with a steak. Weekends have live music, and we were lucky to have a singer at this Blue Ridge restaurant belting out great tunes to which everyone could sing along. His repertoire spans several decades.

Cucina Rustica Charcuterie.

Cucina Rustica
Sure, you can certainly stay within Blue Ridge city limits for your meals, and you’ll have no regrets. But there’s this town a couple of miles away called Morganton, and you definitely want to visit there. Why? Because Chef Danny Mellman is there. Mellman cut his teeth in England, France and Italy, then made a name for himself in the Northeast and Florida. Deciding a slower paced life was more his speed, he moved to Blue Ridge. Lucky them! 

The quality of the food here is top notch. Even simple things like salads and charcuterie plates shine here. Bresaola, Prosciutto, and Mortadella were all eloquently represented. The highlight of dinner was the double portion of veal shanks (for two). Cucina Rustica is closed on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

Rum Cake Lady
I’m a huge fan of rum cakes and really don’t ever find rum cakes on the menu anywhere anymore. So there’s this cafe in Blue Ridge called Rum Cake Lady. We picked up some but made a mental note that they’ve got lots of Cuban specialties like a Cuban sandwich, Tamales, and a Cafe con Leche. Cakes are huge, and the great thing about these rum cakes is that they can last for days without going bad but still remain moist. Hint: Bring some home for your friends.

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